For the Chess Player Who Has Everything: A Diamond Chess Set

Charles Hollander has produced some of the most luxurious items for collectors. One of their top items is the 'Royal Diamond Chess Set', which is hand made with 9,900 black and white diamonds, in over 1168 grams of 14 carat white gold. It took 30 artisans over 4500 hours to make this exquisite masterpiece. If you have to ask how much, it is probably too expensive for you (you won't find the prices on the web site). However, we will let you in on the cost: $500,000.

If the cost is out of your price range, then as an alternative, you can consider their latest product, the 'Gold Chess Set' with the king and queen set with diamonds. You can pick this up for a price of only $100,000.


Unknown said…
i have antique gold coin approximately 600 years old with islamic verses written on it,could anybody guide me how and were to sell it
i am in dubai

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