How Many US $100,000 Bills Do You Have?

Every one has heard about the $100 trillion dollar bill from Zimbabwe. But how many people have heard about the United States $100,000 bill? If you have never seen one before, now is your chance to check one out at the World's Fair of Money in Boston. As a matter of fact, you can see a whole sheet of $100 thousand bills. Can you guess whose portrait appears on the bill? (Answer at the bottom of this article.)

These $100,000 banknotes were only used for private official transactions between Federal Reserve Banks. They were never released to the public. Also at the show, you can see the United States's first $20 gold coin, and gold nuggets and bars from the Gold Rush era.

What's in your wallet?

The picture depicts the back of the $100,000 bill. The front has a portrait of Woodrow Wilson


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