Where to Get Non-Recourse Loans for Your Art, Rolexes, and Other Fine Items

Today, The Wall Street Journal ran an excellent article on how to get a loan secured by artwork (6/15/15 page R6). Have you ever needed some cash to pay off a high interest loan, or maybe there are some antiques or art that is coming up for auction, that you want to purchase, but your funds are temporarily tied up? Or maybe you just want to invest some funds in a startup, but you don't want to sell a valuable item to make the investment?

What's a collector to do? Borrow against your individual artwork or antique or the whole collection. It may be hard to believe but there are actually lenders that will provide you with non-recourse loans on these items, including jewelry and fine wine.

Usually reserved for real estate, a non-recourse loan is one that is solely and exclusively secured by a particular asset or group of assets. If the value of the asset drops below the amount of the loan, and you can't pay off the loan, then the lender can't come after you for the difference. The lender can only claim the asset or assets backing the loan. Whereas, if you have a recourse loan, the lender, in simple terms, can come after your house, your bank accounts, your stock portfolio, and all your other assets to satisfy the loan if you are unable to pay it off.

Now you are asking, "Where can I get a recourse loan?" Here are several lenders in alphabetical order.  Terms and interest rates vary across the board, so you would need to contact the companies directly for more information.

ArtAssure Ltd.
aedelman @ artassure.com

Art Capital Group
info @ artcapitalgroup.com

In the UK:
0808 250 0962
In the US:

Emigrant Bank Fine Art Finance
augenblicka @ emigrantbankfineart.com

Falcon Fine Art
44 (0) 20 7337 6200
tim.hunter @ falconfineart.com

Right Capital
44 (0) 207 396 5500
info @ rightcapital.co.uk

Thomas Gonzales Art Loans
49 (0) 30 - 206 255 31
info @ thomasgonzalez.com


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