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$1,000,000 for a Coconut Tree

A great gift for the amateur gardener! The Ivory Coast has a tree for sale, a rare coconut tree with three heads . Most palm trees have only one head. This rare botanical oddity can be had for a for measly million dollars.

$1.3 million for an Arab Singer's Necklace

A nine strand necklace belonging to Umm Kulthoum, one of the top Arabian singers, sold at a Christie's auction for over $1.3 million . The necklace has 1,888 pearls and was expected to sell for only $120,000.

The $1600 Keyboard

If you want the ultimate in luxury for your computer setup, you should have an Art Lebedev's Optimus Maximus keyboard , which costs a reasonable $1600. The reason for this price is that it has 133 tiny OLED display keys. In other words, each key is a tiny screen, that can be programmed to show whatever you want on each individual key, including images and movies. It is currently sold out at .

A Watch for Investors

Looking for a wrist watch that can give you the opening hours of the world's major stock markets, including London, Paris, Tokyo, and New York? Buy yourself a Girard-Perregaux watch for only $15,000.

Serial Number One Corvettes to be Sold

A 1955, 1956 and 1957 Corvette will be sold at a MECUM's Bloomington Gold High Performance Auction on June 27 and 28 in St. Charles, Illinois. The car from 1955 was the first Corvette with a high-performance V-8 engine.

Baseball Sells for $376,612

SCP Auctions auctioned off the last home run baseball of Barry Bonds , No. 762. After 13 spirited bids, the ball was hammered for $376,612. Since there hasn't been any interest yet in Bonds since he is a free agent, the ball could be quite valuable if Bonds doesn't play any more.

For the Couple Who Has Everything: A Toilet Built for Two

Now I've seen everything. A toilet built for two , called a TwoDaLoo, is now on the market. This is supposed to be an environmentally conscious simultaneous-flush two-seater toilet, which can use a a single 2.6-gallon-saving flush for both. This interesting invention has add-ons that include an LCD television and iPod docking station, and is available for only $1400.

Diamond Studded Thong $122,000

The highlight of a Singapore fashion show was the diamond studded thong (and the model who was wearing it), valued at $122,000 (the thong, not the model). There are 30 carats of 518 brilliant cut diamonds and 27 white gold tassels in The Triumph Luxurious Diamond Thong. The Romanian model that was showing it off at the show was wearing only this skimpy thong. Would this make a great gift for your wife or girlfriend?