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Justin Bieber Reportedly Buys $60 Million Gulfstream Jet

According to various reports , pop singer Justin Bieber  bought a Gulfstream 650 private jet, also known as a G6. Although he may be only one fifth of a billionaire, it is enough to purchase a $60 million private jet, or at least a shared interest in one. He posted pictures of himself on the jet on Instagram .

Lux iPhone 6 Plus in 24K Gold with Diamond Apple Logo fit for a Billionaire

Lux iPhone 6 Plus Courtesy of Here is a gift that all billionaires might want to buy for themselves. It is the Lux Apple iPhone 6 Plus from , which is finished in two layers of 24K yellow gold. In addition, it has a diamond Apple logo, made with 1.68 carats of DE color and VVS1 clarity brilliant diamonds. The phone has 128 GB of memory and is GSM unlocked for world wide use. The Lux iPhone is made in Los Angeles, California. If you don't like yellow gold, the company also has a pink gold phone and a platinum phone. The price for the Lux iPhone 6 Plus is a reasonable $11,895.00. It can be ordered from . 2014 Christmas Gift List

The time to start shopping is now. Whether you are looking for gifts for yourself or someone else, there are plenty of moderately priced items to choose from for the billionaire. Get them now before they are sold out. 1. How about a nice home in California? Graceland West in Palm Springs was formerly the home of Elvis Presley, Ray Kroc, and Frankie Valli. Price is only $2,590,000. 2. I think it's time for a Men's Zenith Academy Minute Repeater Automatic Watch . Price only $110, 720, marked down from %173,000. 3. Haven't you ever wanted your own private island? How about the 222 acre  Cave Cay Island  in the Bahamas, for only $110,000,000. 4. Jewelry always makes a great gift. How about a  Platinum Cushion Cut Blue Sapphire and Round Diamond Pendant  for only$96,626, marked down from $120,782, with a list price of $241,564. 5.  Now here is a great gift, a comic book, Action Comics Number 1 for just $3.2 million.  (The price has been increased from its or

Buy Tom Cruise's Home for $59 Million

The 300 acre estate of Tom Cruise in Telluride, Colorado  is up for sale. The price is a reasonable $59 million, which would probably be one of the most expensive celebrity homes ever sold. There is a 10,000 square foot main home with four bedrooms and six bathrooms, and a 1,600 square foot quest house with three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The home's neighbors include Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Ralph Lauren and Oliver Stone.

Buy Elvis Presley's Home Graceland West

Here is an interesting opportunity for the billionaire, the house that was owned by the famous rock and roll star Elvis Presley, Ray Kroc of McDonald's fame, and the singer Frankie Valli, immortalized by the movie Jersey Boys. The property has been referred to as Graceland West. The house is located at 845 West Chino Canyon Road in Palm Springs, California. This 5,040 square foot home with a swimming pool and entertainment suite has four bedrooms and seven bathrooms, and is located on a 1.75 acre lot. it is being sold as a foreclosure and is being sold at $2,590,000. Zillow gives a foreclosure estimate of  $1,748,237  In March of this year, it was listed for $3,950,000, then in August, it was lowered to $2,999,999. Then this month, it was dropped to $2,590,000. If you like homes with celebrity connections, this is the one for you.

$1,000,000 for a Parking Spot in New York City

How much you pay for a condo in SoHo in New York City? Would you pay one million dollars for a parking spot in SoHo in New York City? If you think that's a bargain price, you now have your chance. A development, 42 Crosby Street, is offering such parking spaces at that price. The parking spots, at $5,000 to $6,666 a square foot, are more expensive than the apartments above it, on a square footage basis. The apartment are going for around $8 million to over $10 million .

$3.2 Million for a Comic Book

If only you had saved your comic books that you had when you were a kid, you might have a fortune by now. Here is one extreme example.  Action Comics No 1, printed in 1938, recently sold on eBay for  $3.2 million , an all time record. The comic is in mint condition.  The original cost of the comic was 10 cents. It was the first comic ever to feature Superman.  A portion of the sale will go to  the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

The Half Billion Dollar Condo

If you are looking for a nice little vacation home, you should consider pocking up this penthouse in Monaco. It is a 35,500 square foot condo at the top of The Tour Odeon. One of the features is a water slide from a dance floor to a swimming pool. Just the parking space alone costs 250,000 euros. This home is expected to sell for at least $400,000,000, and probably as much as a half a billion dollars .

Ferrari Auctioned for Almost $35 Million

A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO was recently hammered at $34.65 million at auction, the highest price ever paid for a car by auction. The sale was held by the Bonhams Auction House during the Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance. Only 39 Ferrari GTOs were ever produced. This car won the Tour de France in 1962, but involved in a fatal crash at that time. After it was fixed up, it was raced in many other events, and eventually ended up in a museum.

You Can Buy the Original Batman Comics

Bob Kane is the creator of Batman. His copies of the earliest comics of Batman are now up for sale at auction. The comics to be auctioned include Batman 1, Batman 2, and Batman 3. Other of his personal comics to be sold include Detective Comics Numbers 27 through 45. The first Incredible Hulk comic is also in the auction and is expected to sell for around $300,000. The auction is being held by ComicConnect.

For the Billionaire Who Has Everything: Buy Your Own Town

Maybe you already have a yacht, an island, and a Rolex, but you want something different. How about buying your own town? The town of Aladdin, Wyoming is up for sale for only $1.5 million. Isn't that a great name for the name of a town? The community has a population of 15, a bar, a general store, and an outhouse. The only drawback is that there is no indoor plumbing or sewage system. But that shouldn't matter to you. If you can afford the one and a half million, you can certainly afford a few upgrades.

Man Buys a $30 Million Cup and Gets a Huge Bonus

One of the wealthiest men in China, Liu Yiqian, recently bought a very rare Ming Dynasty cup at Hong Kong Sotheby's auction. The cup, which is five centuries old, was hammered at $30,000,000 . There are only 17 known to exist. He paid for the purchase with his American Express Black Card (Centurian Card) and the auction house had to do over 20 transactions in order to complete the sale, due to the limit size on transactions. What he hadn't realized at the time, but now does, is that he earned rewards points on that transaction. As a matter of fact, it amounted to 422,860,000 rewards points! He can buy a lot of flat panel TVs and Apple iPads with those points.

Oscar Statue Hammered for $79,200

Briarbrook Auctions recently auctioned off a rare 1942 Academy Award Oscar statuette for $79,200, with an original estimate of $5,000 to $30,000. It was issued at the 15th Academy Awards to Joseph C. Wright for color art direction, one of two Oscars that he won. Normally the Academy doesn't allow the sale of the Oscar statues by families of the recipients, however, because the statue was issued prior to 1950, when the restriction went into effect, the Academy allowed the auction to go through.

Disney Home Sold for $74 Million

Image courtesy of The Agency The five acres that Walt Disney bought in 1949 in Holmby Hills, California just sold for $74 million. Disney built a 5,500 square foot home on the site had 17 rooms. Disney built a small scale railroad track on the properties, with trains just large enough to ride in. He sold the home in 1998 for $8.5 million, and the new owner tore down the home and built a tri-level 35,000 home. It had 17 bathrooms and eight bedrooms. The new owner just sold the house for a $16 million discount, as it was listed for $90 million .

1856 British Guiana One-Cent Magenta Stamp Sold for $9.5 Million

At a Sotheby's auction in New York, 1856 British Guiana One-Cent Magenta stamp sold for $9.5 million, including buyer's premium. The auction lot had an estimate of $10 million and $20 million. It is considered to be the rarest and most valuable of all single stamps. The name of the successful bidder was not disclosed. The stamp was being auctioned for the estate of John E. du Pont, who had originally paid $935,000 for the stamp. ABC US News | ABC Celebrity News

Warren Buffett has been Bid up to a Million Dollars

In case you weren't aware, there has been an auction going on this week for the rights for you and seven friends to have lunch with Warren Buffett in New York.  There has been some spirited bidding, with the bids starting at $25,000 and currently over $1 million. You need to be qualified as a bidder in order to place a bid. The auction is being run by eBay , and the proceeds of the auction will go to the Glide Foundation.

Keith Haring Pictures Worth a Lot on Pawn Stars

A man on the Pawn Stars TV show walked into the pawn shop with a couple pictures created by Keith Haring. Haring's works are similar in type to Andy Warhol. The owner of the artworks was shocked when he heard what they were worth from the appraiser. They ended up being valued at $40,000 to $50,000 each.

Rare Inverted Jenny Stamp to be Auctioned in New York

An example of an Inverted Jenny 24 Cent Stamp Have you ever collected stamps? If so, you might want to bid on an Inverted Jenny , one of the rarest and most famous error philately items in history. In case you aren't aware, the Invested Jenny is a United States 24 cent stamp with an airplane printed upside down in error. The auction for this rare stamp will be held in New York City on May 21, 2014 by the auction house Spink USA. This will be a single vendor auction of one lot. This is a mint never hinged stamp. Only five MNH stamps are known to exist. The last time one of these sold was in October of 2013. It was hammered at $500,000. For more information on this auction, contact Spink at 212-262-8400.

Steve Wynn Bought Popeye for $28.2 Million

At a Sotheby's auction, a Jeff Koons's sculpture of the cartoon "Popeye"was hammered at $28.2 million. The successful bidder was none other than the wealthy casino owner, Steve Wynn .

The Most Expensive House in America Just Sold for $147 Million

The most expensive home in the United States just sold for $147 million in a private transaction, making local real estate agents very unhappy. The 18 acre estate is located on 60 Further Lane in East Hampton. The lucky purchaser was Barry Rosenstein, the hedge fund manager of Jana Partners, and he bought it from the estate of Christopher H. Browne, the former managing director of an investment company. If there had been a 6% commission on this transaction, the Realtors would have made 8.82 million. Image courtesy of Bing Maps

Buy a San Francisco Mansion for Only $150

How would you like a 4300 square foot house with 6 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, for only $150. It is LEED Platinum certified and centrally located in San Francisco. The catch is you have to be the winner in the drawing. Proceeds of the raffle benefit the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. In addition, there is an Early Bird Drawing that closes April 25, with a first prize of a trip to Paris and a second prize of a trip to Maui. Chances of winning a prize are one in 50. For more info, go to .

$225,000 for Wyatt Earp's Gun

A Colt .45 revolver just sold at auction for $225,000. However, this wasn't just any gun. It was Wyatt Earp's gun from the O.K. Corral shootout at Tombstone.   J. Levine Auction & Appraisal, the auction house, said that the had originally been expected to sell for $100,000 and $150,000. The buyer of this famous revolver was not disclosed. 

The $1,000 Glass Toaster

How would you like a toaster that can cook shrimp and steak (an toast of course)? And how about if the toaster is made of glass, so you can see how toasty your toast is. If interested, the Bugatti Noun Toaster sells for only $1,000.

Your Chance to Buy Your Own Haunted Island

In May, you will have the chance to buy the ' Most Haunted Place on Earth ,' an island in Venice called Poveglia. The Italian government will be offering this location, actually a 99 year lease on the property.  The building on the island used to be a quarantine zone for people with diseases such and the plague, and a mental institution which reportedly did lobotomies. The place has plenty of room for guests, and if your guests refuse to leave, you can scare them away.  Image via Gizmodo via Wikipedia

Lost Fabergé Imperial Easter Egg Almost Melted for Scrap

An American gold scrap dealer saved a Fabergé Imperial Easter Egg from being melted down into gold scrap. As it turns out, this Fabergé Egg hasn't been seen for over 100 years.  The Egg, made with gold, diamonds, and sapphires was made in 1887 by Peter Carl Fabergé. It is now on display at Wartski, a London antiques dealer.

You Can Buy Bruce Willis's Ranch for Half Price

Bruce Willis has lowered his price a second time on his Sun Valley, Idaho ranch home . Originally listed for $15 million, it has been marked down to $8.8 million.  The home is 8,400 square feet of living space on 20 acres. The house has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

$800,000 for a Guitar

A Martin guitar, called the OM45 Deluxe, will be auctioned off by Guernsey's auction house with a reserve of $800,000.

California House Sells For $102 Million

If you don't believe the real estate market is strong, you should check out this house. This little 12 bedroom 'cottage' , located in Westwood, California, has five acres of property. Credit: There was a bidding war between three  billionaires, with the top bidder paying $102 million for this house. It was formerly the home of socialite Suzanne Saperstein.

Condos for Billionaires

The Porsche Design Tower in Miami, is designed for billionaires. How would you like to bring your car with you on the elevator? And then park it in a glass garage, so you can keep an eye on it. The 80 story building supposedly has 2% of the world's billionaires signed up to live there. If you are interested, get them now as they are selling like hotcakes. the penthouse is still available for $32.5 million.

Just $80 Million for a Personal Supersonic Jet

How would you like to travel to your own destinations at Mach 1.6, greater than 50% faster than other business jets? The jet, called the S-512 , is being made by Spike Aerospace. the jet has a capacity of 18 passengers and a range of 4,600 miles.