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Brigham Young's Revolver For Sale

For all you collectors of antiques out there, especially those who collect antique firearms, you may want to consider purchasing the revolver that was the personal Colt pistol of Mormon leader Brigham Young, the founder of the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This historical unique artifact is offered by Michael Simen's Historical Antiques . If you want to know the price, you would need to call them. However, the current highest price ever paid for a Colt revolver was $1,142,500.00 for a gun sold a few years ago by Sotheby's auction house. The gun came to  Michael Simen's Historical Antiques  from Brigham Young's direct descendants. The provenance is extensive. This would make a great stocking stuffer!!!

A Billionaire Made a Stock Double Today

Oprah Winfrey In case you missed it, a stock went up by over 100% today. The stock is Weight Watchers International $WTW, which closed at 6.79 yesterday, and today closed at 13.92, an increase of 105%. She paid $6.79 per share for 6.4 million shares. This amounted to $43.2 million. This rise was due to the announcement that billionaire Oprah Winfrey bought a 10% stake in the company, and was also named to the Board of Directors. In addition, she will become a celebrity endorser for the company. Winfrey has always created sales for the numerous products and books featured on her show. Now her charisma and following proves that she can make a stock skyrocket.

Buy Your Own Two Letter Domain Name: Up for Auction

Attention has been brought to domain names recently with the registration of ABC.XYZ by Google, using the new .XYZ top level domain. This new domain name will be used for its new Alphabet holding company . The demand for one letter, two letter, and three letter domain names, especially ending in dot com, is very high, because they are short and easy to remember, yet they rarely come on the market and when they do, they are very expensive. Now a two letter domain is up for sale, PT.COM. Bids are being accepted until 12:00 PM EDT, Friday, October 16, 2015, The minimum amount you can bid is $875,000 and escrow will be handled by More information can be obtained by going to the PT website. So you would buy this domain? There are a lot of potential buyers. If your initials happened to be PT, it would be a perfect personal domain. Or for a business, it could stand for personal trainer, part-time,  physical therapist, perpetual traveler, permanent tourist, prior taxpayer, p