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Gifts for Billionaire Dogs

You have a dog, and you only want to give your dog the best. And if you are a billionaire, you don't mind spending a few thousand on your pet. Your dog deserves the best so here are the best of the best. Your dog will really appreciate a Cape Cod Cozy Cottage Kennel Dog House , which is hand-crafted by the Amish in the United States. The price is a reasonable $5,671.07. Your dog will look beautiful wearing a  Tsavari 'Monarch' White Sapphire Dog Collar . This gorgeous Pearlized Mirabella lambskin collar features 48 carats of flawless white sapphires hand cut in 'Hearts and Arrows' and is available for $9,399.00. You dog needs to sleep comfortably.  Comfort Nest Memory Foam Bolster Dog Bed  will provide the relaxation that your dog needs. The price is just $1,967.98. You dog needs to say warm. Consider an  East Side Collection Acrylic Spirit Dog Sweater  for $978.81. Finally, for those of you with little dogs, you need 2015 Christmas Gift List

You still have a few days left to do your shopping. Whether you are looking for presents for yourself or another person, there are plenty of moderately priced gifts available for the billionaire. Buy now before they are sold out. 1. It would be nice to own an original PeopleMover from Disneyland . Price just $471,000. 2. It's time for a  Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ice Blue Dial Platinum Mens Watch . Price only $57,000, marked down from %75,000. 3. Maybe you can start your own country on your own private island. The Rangyai Island located in Thailand, is available for only $160,000,000. 4. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and blue sapphires may be a girl's second best friend. How about a  Platinum Cushion Cut Blue Sapphire and Round Diamond Pendant  for only $117,033, marked down from $234,066. 5.  Owning a two letter dot com domain name  would be great. At $875,000, would have been a bargain. 6. How about this crib? The Scarface

How About an Island for a Gift?

Have you ever wanted to get away from the crowds? Or how about a unique vacation? Or maybe you are just looking for the perfect gift? What's better than a private island. There are still many islands throughout the world that are privately owned and are available for purchase. Here are a few examples.  RANGYAI ISLAND Photo courtesy of Rangyai Island is located in Thailand. This white sand beach island has 110 acres. The price is a reasonable $160,000,000. For more information, go to . PUMPKIN KEY Photo courtesy of Looking for an island in the United States? Check out Pumpkin Key in Florida, near Miami. This 26 acre island features a three bedroom three bathroom home with a couple cottages. The price is just $110,000,000. For more information, go to  vladi-private-islands . ISLA PUERCOS Photo courtesy of  VivaTropical If you are looking for something a little

Buy Your Own Town for $250,000

How would you like to buy your own town , that even includes a haunted house and a bar? Here are the details: Name of town: Swett Location: South Dakota Property size: 6 acres Includes: House (haunted), bar, garage Population: 0 Price: $250,000 (discounted from $399,000 previously) Wouldn't this make a great holiday gift? You could be your own mayor.

You Could Have Bought a Disneyland PeopleMover for Half a Million Dollars

PeopleMover ~ Courtesy of Van Eaton Galleries Do you remember going for a ride on the Disney PeopleMover in the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's at Disneyland? It was the little tram that took you around Tomorrowland on raised tracks. Since the PeopleMovers have not been in the park for years, they have become collectors items. And you could have bought one at the Collecting Disneyland Auction offered by Van Eaton Galleries . This one of only 13 PeopleMovers still in collections was hammered at $ 471,500 , on an estimate of $200,000 to $300,000. It is in excellent condition. A total amount of $1.7 million was raised at the auction.

You Missed Out on Buying the Scarface Mansion

Scarface Mansion photo courtesy of   “'Scarface' Movie Mansion Sells” The opulent mansion that was the fictional home of Al Pacino’s character, Tony Montana, in the 1983 film Scarface has sold after 17 months on the market and a price drop of almost $23 million. Although the movie portrayed it as a Miami mansion, it is actually a 109-year-old home in Montecito, California. Its best known scenes were Tony's wedding to the cocaine-addicted beauty queen Elvira (Michelle Pfeiffer's break-out role) and where Tony made his bloody last stand with his M-16 “little friend” killing 42 assassins. Other than the movie, the mansion is most famous as the wedding site for 54-year-old Charlie Chaplain and 18-year-old Oona O'Neill, daughter of playwright Eugene O'Neill, in 1943. During the real estate crash, international investors were flocking to the U.S. to take advantage of rock bottom prices on everything from Kentucky horse

$12.249 Million for Charlton Heston's House

Have a spare $12 million? If so, why not buy Charlton Heston's mansion. This five bedroom, six and a half bathroom home is located on Coldwater Canyon. It includes a tennis court and swimming pool. According to , there is an additional three-story artist's studio on the property.  It has a  screening room and an elevator. (You could Airbnb it since it also has a bedroom and bathroom.) It is listed by Myra Nourmand and Howard Stevens at Nourmand & Associates Realtors .

Jeff Bezos Now the Third Richest Man in the World

After Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, the third place position has been held by Carlos Slim Helu, the Mexican businessman and investor who has a controlling interest in many companies, including Telmex and America Movil. However, Slim has been pushed out of his position, and been replaced by Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of , according to a recent report by Bloomberg . This is due to the fact that the stock price of Amazon has had a huge spike. Yesterday, the stock traded at 680.57 per share. It has since dropped from that price, currently 651.57, but still substantially higher than its price on January 2 this year of 308.52. Having a substantial amount of stock that more than doubles in less than a year can really help your net worth.

Buy John Barrymore's Home for $42.5 Million, Includes Opium Den

Hollywood History Home! Steeped in Hollywood history, one of Beverly Hills’ earliest movie star mansions has recently gone on the market at $42.5 million . Built in the early 1920s by architect John Byers for film director King Vidor ( War and Peace, Ruby Gentry, The Fountainhead ), the mansion was eventually sold to actor John Barrymore. From its earliest days as a lima bean farm and then a failed oil field, developers began selling large home lots in the early 1900s naming the Los Angeles neighborhood “Beverly Hills,” based on Beverly Farms in Massachusetts. The Beverly Hills Hotel was built in 1911 and attracted many of Hollywood’s biggest stars, some decided to build their own homes in the nearby hills. In 1919, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford transformed an 18-acre hunting lodge into “Pickfair,” a mansion estate with horse stables, tennis courts, bowling alley, movie screening room, Old West saloon and the first private swimming pool in Los Angeles. Charlie Chapl

Brigham Young's Revolver For Sale

For all you collectors of antiques out there, especially those who collect antique firearms, you may want to consider purchasing the revolver that was the personal Colt pistol of Mormon leader Brigham Young, the founder of the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This historical unique artifact is offered by Michael Simen's Historical Antiques . If you want to know the price, you would need to call them. However, the current highest price ever paid for a Colt revolver was $1,142,500.00 for a gun sold a few years ago by Sotheby's auction house. The gun came to  Michael Simen's Historical Antiques  from Brigham Young's direct descendants. The provenance is extensive. This would make a great stocking stuffer!!!

A Billionaire Made a Stock Double Today

Oprah Winfrey In case you missed it, a stock went up by over 100% today. The stock is Weight Watchers International $WTW, which closed at 6.79 yesterday, and today closed at 13.92, an increase of 105%. She paid $6.79 per share for 6.4 million shares. This amounted to $43.2 million. This rise was due to the announcement that billionaire Oprah Winfrey bought a 10% stake in the company, and was also named to the Board of Directors. In addition, she will become a celebrity endorser for the company. Winfrey has always created sales for the numerous products and books featured on her show. Now her charisma and following proves that she can make a stock skyrocket.

Buy Your Own Two Letter Domain Name: Up for Auction

Attention has been brought to domain names recently with the registration of ABC.XYZ by Google, using the new .XYZ top level domain. This new domain name will be used for its new Alphabet holding company . The demand for one letter, two letter, and three letter domain names, especially ending in dot com, is very high, because they are short and easy to remember, yet they rarely come on the market and when they do, they are very expensive. Now a two letter domain is up for sale, PT.COM. Bids are being accepted until 12:00 PM EDT, Friday, October 16, 2015, The minimum amount you can bid is $875,000 and escrow will be handled by More information can be obtained by going to the PT website. So you would buy this domain? There are a lot of potential buyers. If your initials happened to be PT, it would be a perfect personal domain. Or for a business, it could stand for personal trainer, part-time,  physical therapist, perpetual traveler, permanent tourist, prior taxpayer, p

Now You Can Buy Janis Joplin’s Porsche 356

On December 10, Sotheby’s auction house in New York will be holding an auction on over a couple dozen automobiles. One of most interesting items is the 1964 Porsche 356C 1600 SC Cabriolet that had been owned by Janis Joplin. The car is painted with a psychedelic design. The car is being sold by Joplin's brother and sister. This could be a bargain for all you billionaires and billionaires-to-be out there as the automobile is expected to hammer for $400,000 .

Most Expensive Listed Home in California Sold

A three-story, 9,235-square-foot home, located at 440 Golden Gate Avenue, Belvedere, in Tiburon, in the San Francisco Bay Area, had originally been listed at $65 million has just been sold. The estate, called Locksley Hall, includes a pool, a poolhouse, and even a panic room. The property, built in 1895, just sold today for $47.5 million, which is a record for the Bay Area. One benefit to owning the home is the reduced property taxes, according to Curbed , because the residence is a historic property. Of course, the home has an outstanding view of the San Francisco Bay. The name of the buyer was not disclosed. Check out the video below of this fantastic real estate and its views from Neal Ward Properties.

Where to Get Non-Recourse Loans for Your Art, Rolexes, and Other Fine Items

Today, The Wall Street Journal ran an excellent article on how to get a loan secured by artwork (6/15/15 page R6). Have you ever needed some cash to pay off a high interest loan, or maybe there are some antiques or art that is coming up for auction, that you want to purchase, but your funds are temporarily tied up? Or maybe you just want to invest some funds in a startup, but you don't want to sell a valuable item to make the investment? What's a collector to do? Borrow against your individual artwork or antique or the whole collection. It may be hard to believe but there are actually lenders that will provide you with non-recourse loans on these items, including jewelry and fine wine. Usually reserved for real estate, a non-recourse loan is one that is solely and exclusively secured by a particular asset or group of assets. If the value of the asset drops below the amount of the loan, and you can't pay off the loan, then the lender can't come after you for th

Would You Crush a $10,000 Gold Apple Watch?

If you had paid $10,000 for an 18k yellow gold Apple watch, would you have crushed it with two heavy duty magnets? Well one guy did just that. The neodymium magnets provide 650 pounds of force.

You Could Have Bought Mozart's Hair for $53,000

Here is a collectible for the billionaire who has everything. There was an auction held at Sotheby's on May 28 in London which had some interesting things for sale, many of which are music related. The auction, "Music, Continental and Russian Books and Manuscripts," is selling, along with many other items, locks of hair . Probably the most unusual items were the locks of hair of Mozart and Beethoven. Mozart's had a sale estimate of $14,800 and $17,800, and Beethoven's were $3,000 to $4,500. Mozart's hair sold for an incredible 35.000 GBP ($53,456). Even Beethoven was hammered at an amazing 8,125 GBP ($12,413). Total sales for the auction amounted to $4,076,597.38.

New Record Price for Art - Unknown Buyer

Femmes d'Alger   (Version "O") [ courtesy of Wikipedia] Recently, at Christie's in New York City, a Picasso painting was hammered at auction for a record-setting price of  $179 million. The painting is called Pablo Picasso's "Femmes d'Alger" (Version "O"). The last time the paining hit the market, it went for $31.9 million dollars in 1997, purchased by a European collector. However, the new buyer has remained anonymous. Originally thought it was Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Than, the prime minister of Qatar. But sources now say it is not him.

$52 Million for a Painting, Billion Dollar Week for Christie's, $30 Million Ruby

It has been a busy and profitable week for auctioneers. Records are being broken, and high prices are being paid. Here is a quick rundown of recent luxury auction activity. A painting by Lucian Freud sold for $56.2 million at a Christie's auction. The painting was "Benefits Supervisor Resting." A 25 carat Burmese ruby set in a platinum ring accompanied by diamonds was hammered at $30.3 million at a Sotheby's auction. An auction house sold more than $1 billion of art in one week for the first time ever. That auction house was Christie's, which sold postwar and contemporary art.

Will You Be Buying the Gold Apple Watch?

Some people can hardly wait. The new Apple Watch series will be available on April 24, less than a month away. Although the announcement was back on September 9, interest in the release has been steadily growing, especially in the press. And of course, for the billionaire next door, the interest has been in the Apple Watch Edition series. The Edition collection includes eight styles of the Apple Watch which is made with gold. The watch case utilizes 18-karat gold that is up to twice as hard as regular gold. The display uses polished sapphire crystal. Choices include yellow gold and rose gold, with various styles of bands. For only $10,000, how can you go wrong? Check out the video on the watch at the link below:

Billionaire Plans to Start Mining the Moon for Gold

Billionaire Naveen Jain has set up a company called Moon Express to start a mining operation on the moon . His company, based in Mountain View, California, is in partnership with NASA. Moon Express plans to send its first robotic spacecraft to the moon next year. The company plans to mine for various minerals including gold, cobalt, iron, palladium, and platinum. The company is the first private business to test a prototype of its lander, which caused it to win Google's $1 million milestone prize. If the company finds a lot of gold on the moon that it can bring back, will it cause the price of gold to drop?

$60k for a Letter to Coretta Scott King signed by President Johnson

At Quinn's Auction Galleries in Falls Church, Virginia, a letter to Coretta Scott King, widow of civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr., from President Lyndon B. Johnson, was hammered at $60,000, which was the starting bid. The letter was signed by the President. The letter was originally given to Harry Belafonte, which gave it to his half sister, Shirley Cooks, who consigned it to the auction. The letter was actually expected to sell for much more.