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Cheap Little Tata Nano Car for Just $4.6 Million

Tata Motors, manufacturers of the popular Nano automobiles in India, has joined forces with the Tata GoldPlus jewellery business to develop a Tata Nano car, the company's cheapest car, covered in 80 kilograms of 22 carat solid gold, 15 kilos of silver, and numerous precious stones including diamonds, rubies and other expensive gemstones. The car, which normally sells for about $3,000 is worth $4.6 million . 14 various techniques of jewellery making went into the project.

$57,400 for a Gold Cell Phone

Here is the ultimate cell phone, but beware, it is not a smart phone. It does have speed dialing, call screening, forwarding, waiting, Bluetooth®, conference calls, texting functions, a world clock, alarm, notes, to-do list, calendar, calculator and converter. The phone has an 18 carat solid yellow gold 3N keypad, rear plate, end cap and knurled side plates. It has a ceramic upper with highest grade of ultra-glossy finish plus a sapphire crystal lens with ARdur™ coating. The sounds include Bespoke ringtones and sounds composed by Vietnamese-Danish ‘master of the upright bass’, Chris Minh Doky. The price is a reasonable $57,400. Photo courtesy of .

Private Island for Sale

Allan Island, located near Anacortes, Washington, is being sold by Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen at a discounted price. It was originally listed for $25 million, but is now being offered at $13.5 million. The 292-acre island includes a small house, a 2,400 foot airstrip and a boat dock. The property is being offered by Windermere Real Estate .