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A $43,000 Suit

If you are in the market for new clothing, you might want to consider a Brioni 'Vanquish II' suit , for a reasonable price of only $43,000. It is made from rare and exotic fibers such as vicuna, pashmina and Qiviuk.

For the Antique Stock Certificate Collector who has Everything: Bernie Madoff stock certificate

If you like to collect old and antique stock certificates, you might have a stock signed by Harry Houdini , or Thomas Edison or Walt Disney . But chances are, you don't have one signed by Bernard Madoff. An eBay seller has turned up one that is signed by Madoff and is selling it for $100,000 .

Christie's Layoffs

It looks like the troubled economy is affecting the high end auction markets. Christie's is laying off a significant number of staff members .

Get Paid to Live on a Tropical Island

Many people have a dream of eventually buying their own island or paying to live on their own tropical island. How would you like to be paid to live on a paradise island instead? The island is Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef off Australia. The Queensland's state government is willing to pay someone $105,000 per year to be the island's caretaker . You know, check out the beaches by walking along the water line, checking out the coral reefs by snorkeling, etc. Don't wait, get your application in by February 22. By the way, did you see the article on the island for sale for only one dollar ?

Rare Bugatti Automobile Sitting in Garage for 50 Years

A 1937 Bugatti Type 57S Atalante car was found in a garage in England. It had been sitting there for almost 50 years. This is one of only 17 cars of this type known to exist.