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Island for Sale, $1 Starting Bid

A man who owns a three acre island on the Halifax River has decided to sell it on eBay with a one dollar minimum bid. Bids have already gone above $350,000, so far. Check out the list of the top ten private islands for sale .

Warren Buffett's Wealth Increased by 12% Today

The net worth of famous investor and billionaire, Warren Buffett, increased by 12.9% today as his Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK-A) stock went up by $18,990 to $147,000. Don't forget to check out the previous article about the Trade Like Warren Buffett book review.

Cezanne Painting Sells for $13 million

A Cezanne painting was sold for $13 million to a Sydney, Australia art gallery, making it the most expensive painting purchased by an Australian art gallery. It was painted by Cezanne in 1888 and was called the " Bords de la Marine ".

Last Section of Berlin Wall Sold for $11,290

One of the last sections of the Berlin Wall, covered in graffiti, sold for $11,290 , by a Berlin auction house.

License Plate Sells for $727,782

The first license plate ever issued in Edinburgh, Scotland, originally issued in 1903, went for $727,782 at auction . The license number is 'S1'. The buyer remains anonymous.

$95,000 for a Barbie Doll

If you are looking for that perfect, unique gift for your daughter, you should purchase the one-of-a-kid Barbie doll, with 318 genuine diamonds in the doll's outfit. It was just released in Mexico City and is valued at about $94,800.

Village for Sale, 13 Bedroom Mansion Thrown In

If you ever considered owning your own village, now is your chance. A village in north Norfolk, England, including a historic 13-bedroom mansion plus a seven bedroom barn , is available for sale for only 25 million British pounds. The sellers are selling because it is too big to keep up.