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Auction of Ponzi Scheme Spoils

On January 7 and 21, an auction will be held of the automobiles owned by a Utah businessman accused of operating a Ponzi scheme, raising $18 million. Over 200 cars will be auctioned including a 1981 DeLorean, a 1989 Bentley Turbo, a 1969 Dodge Charger and 1973 Plymouth Barracuda.

Most Expensive New Year's Package Includes Concerts, Penthouses, and Implants

Here's a New Year's Package for you. It includes tables at New Year's Eve concerts, chauffeured Rolls Royce, first class plane tickets, stays at South Beach penthouses, and breast augmentation. The price of this package is only $100,000 .

Two Houses For Sale Tied for the Most Expensive has released their list of the most expensive homes for sale in the United States, and two are tied for first place. Tranquility, the 20,000 square foot home on Lake Tahoe, is up for sale at $100,000,000. It is owned by Joel Horowitz, co-founder of Tommy Hilfiger. Albemarle House in Charlottesville, Virginia, is also for sale at the same price. This 300 acre state is owned by winemaker Patricia Kluge. By the way, the house of TV Doctor Robert Rey was dropped in price by about a million dollars , from $5,295,000 to $4,395,000.

Billionaire Hedge Fund Operator Sued by Ex-Wife for Racketeering

A New York City billionaire hedge fund operator, Steven Cohen , was sued by his ex-wife, Patricia Cohen, for racketeering, claiming that he hid many millions of dollars from her for many years. Cohen was ranked the 36th richest person in America by Forbes.

Billionaire Sentenced to Death

Billionaire Wang Wenxian, of Heilongjiang Province in China, was found guilty of hiring two people to kill his business partner. The municipal court sentenced him to death .

Order Your Solid-Gold Nintendo Wii Now to Get It by Christmas

There is still time left. Put your order in for a Solid-Gold Nintendo Wii created by a British designer, Stuart Hughes. The cost is only $485,000 .

Most Expensive Golf Club

A Scotty Cameron Handmade putter is being auctioned off on eBay right now, and is expected to fetch the most amount of money for any golf club ever played . Bidding opened at 99 cents and the current bid is $10,600.

Mu$eum of American Finance 2010 Gala

Mu$eum of American Finance 2010 Gala honoring William H. Donaldson January 11, 2010 6:30pm Cocktails 48 Wall Street New York City Business Attire Individual Seats Benefactor $5,000 Patron $2,500 Sponsor $1,500 Tables (10 seats) Benefactor $50,000 Patron $25,000 Sponsor $15,000 For more info, call 212-908-4694

Bottle of Cognac $37,000

A 1788 bottle of Vieux Cognac sold at a Paris, France auction for $37,000. This was one of about 18,000 bottles up for auction at this two day event.

Collect Houses? How About the Skinniest House in England?

The skinniest house in England, located in the west area of London, is up for sale at a price of $897,000. It is less than six feet wide .

World's Most Expensive Cupcake: $25,000

The world's most expensive cupcake is available for only $25,000. However, it is not the kind you can eat. It is actually a car shaped like a cupcake, the Pongrace Cupcake Car .

Two Cave Dwellers Become Billionaires

Two brothers in Budapest, Hungary have been living in a cave and supporting themselves by picking up scrap on the street. They just discovered that they will be inheriting $6.6 billion from their grandmother who lived in Germany. Reportedly, one of the brothers just wants to live a normal life with his share of the money, outside the cave of course.

'Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirates Stock Exchange for Me'

Even pirates are getting into trading and speculating. has discovered that pirates in Somalia have set up a pirate stock exchange which allows people to invest in potential plunderings of ships. So far there are 72 different investments that have been traded on the exchange.