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$100,000 Darwin Book found in Bathroom

A Charles Darwin's " On the Origin of Species " first edition book was found in a bookshelf in a bathroom. It will be put up for auction next Tuesday at Christie's and is expected to fetch as much as $100,000.

Mark Your Calendars: Upcoming Top Marques Shows

The upcoming Top Marques Shows are as follows: Monaco Apr. 15-18, 2010 Abu Dhabi Dec. 15-18, 2010

Highest Priced Home: $150 Million

According to Forbes, the most expensive home for sale right now is the 'Manor' built by Candy and Aaron Spelling. It is a 4.7-acre estate outside of Los Angeles with 100 rooms. The price is $150 Million. If you like interesting houses, check out the Skinniest House in England , Bernie Madoff's NY house, Nicolas Cage's house, and Christina Ricci's home.

$420,000 for One Glove

If you missed the auction held by Los Angeles-based Julien's Auctions at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, you missed a great buying opportunity: the white glove that Michael Jackson wore when he showed off his trademark moonwalk in 1983. This rhinestone-studded, modified golf glove was purchased by Hoffman Ma of Hong Kong for $420,000 including buyers fee and taxes. It had been estimated to sell for only between $40,000 to $60,000. Christmas List 2009

It's that time again to start your shopping. Here are some great luxury gifts for your friends and relatives. It's also a great list to give to your friends and relatives, showing them what you would like to have for Christmas. 1. Joe Montana's California Estate This 500 acre estate in the Napa wine country in California is 9,700 square feet and includes a Bocce ball court and a full-sized basketball court.The price is $49 million. 2. 2006 Bugatti Veyron Available through the BillionaireXchange for $1,050,000.00 . 3. 12 liter bottle of Vieille Bon Secours beer The most expensive beer in the world for just $1160. 4a. Royal Diamond Chess Set This chess set from Charles Hollander is hand made with 9,900 black and white diamonds, in over 1168 grams of 14 carat white gold. Price is $500,000. 4b. And for those who like guns and chess, there is the Gold and Silver Bullet Chess Set from Bullet Forge. 5. Breguet Classique Complications Tourbillon Messidor Mens Rose Gold Watch Th

Billionaire Donald Trump in the News a Lot This Week

The famous billionaire Donald Trump made news several times during the last week. First, he is working on a joint venture with Omarosa for a reality dating show scheduled to appear on the TV One network. Second, he is selling his personal jet to upgrade to a larger jet. The jet he is selling is a a 1968 Boeing 727 with a master bedroom. Third, he is being sued by 30 individuals and companies over a failed building project in Tampa, Florida, for the Trump Tower Tampa . By the way, also in Florida yesterday, Trump made a presentation at the official launch of his Trump Network, a network marketing (multi-level marketing) organization, which sells nutritional supplements and weight loss products . He is going into competition with Amway, Herbalife, Nu Skin, and USANA.

Most Expensive Beer $1160 for a Bottle

A restaurant in London has available a 12 liter bottle of Vieille Bon Secours ale for $1160 for the bottle. It has 8% alcohol content and has been in storage for the last ten years. It supposedly has a mixed taste of citrus, apricots, caramel, toffee and licorice.

Bernie Madoff's NY House for Sale at $8.9 Million

The Penthouse Duplex of Bernard Madoff , who admitted to running the largest Ponzi scheme in history, is now listed for sale at $8.9 million through Sotheby's International Realty. The home has three bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and four wood-burning fireplaces.

You Can Buy Joe Montana's Estate for $49 Million

Famous football star, Joe Montana, is selling off his vacation home for a reasonable $49 million. This is a 500 acre estate in the Napa wine country in California. The home is 9,700 square feet and includes a Bocce ball court, a full-sized basketball court, a skeet shooting range, a pool and spa of course, and a gym. Unfortunately, the home only has three bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths, but it does have two laundry rooms. Better get your offer in now, as the California real estate market seems to be turning around.

Auction Site for Billionaires and Millionaires

It's not just the poor and middle class that are having money problems. Even the rich and very rich are running into financial difficulty. There is now an Internet auction site for millionaires and billionaires, called, which specializes in very high end and luxury offerings. For example, there is a 2006 Bugatti Veyron with a starting bid of $1,050,000.00, an 186ct Diamond Chess Set starting at $224,000.00, and a 1993 Superyacht for a starting bid of $13,000,000.00.

Nicolas Cage’s Dinosaur Skulls, Shrunken Heads, Lamborghini, Islands, and Haunted Houses

According to an article at TheDailyBeast, Nicolas Cage was responsible, at least in part, for his financial problems. The article states that he spent his money on yachts, motorcycles, a jet, jewelry, mansions (including a haunted one), dinosaur skulls, shrunken heads, and two islands in the Bahamas.

Who in the Heck Would Pay $16 Million for a Patch?

An eBay auction just closed mid-month in October for a Nurburgring 7 patch . According to the listing, "very rare ( only 8) Nurburgring 7 patch normally only available to the members of the Yamaha xjr1300 owners, XJROC and XJR Ruhrpott who actually went around the ring at Eurofest 2009 rather than just watched or dreamed." This rare collectible, which actually had two different people bidding on it, sold for $16,393,500.00. Although the name of the high bidder wasn't disclosed, the bidder has 100% positive feedback with over 100 transactions.

Billionaire Money Manager Ken Fisher Believes We Are Still In a Bull Market

According to a recent interview at, billionaire Ken Fisher, who is a money manager, author, and member of the Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans list, has stated that we are still in a bull market. He also believes that this bull market should continue for the next six months to two years.

The Gold and Silver Bullet Chess Set

Looking for a gift for the gun enthusiast? If they like chess, how about a Gold Bullet versus Silver Bullet Chess Set where are the pieces are plated with precious metals. the cost with the chessboard is a very reasonable $180 from Bullet Forge. But for the really fancy stuff, there is the solid gold 45 ACP bullet with an amethyst mounted in the hollowpoint and embedded with over 90 diamonds . The cost is approximately $3000. And if you just want to shoot werewolves, you can get a 45 acp solid silver bullet for $125.

Crypt Above Marilyn Monroe Doesn't Sell

The crypt on top of Marilyn Monroe's did not sell for the second time. It is located at the Westwood Village Memorial Park cemetery, where Dean Martin, James Coburn, Roy Orbison, Truman Capote, and Natalie Wood are also laid to rest. The crypt did sell for over $4 million on eBay during the summer, but the buyer fell through.