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This Supposedly Modern Art Sold for Almost $50,000,000

The above painting recently sold in a Christie's auction in New York City for  $46,437,500. What a bargain. The  “neo-expressionism” artwork was created by Cy Twombly  in 2005 and was referred to as  “the largest example from Cy Twombly’s legendary Bacchus series.” The painting seemed to overshadow a painting by Leonardo  de Vinci, “Christ as Salvator Mundi” which was hammered at more than $450 million dollars

Tom Petty Lake House has been Put Up for Sale

It's sad when rock stars pass away. Malcolm Young, co-founder of AC/DC died this morning. Music fans were sorry to hear about the passing of noted rock musician Tom Petty last month. Now his assets are coming up for sale. It never occurred to  Tom Petty  that gathering a group of friends to play music wouldn’t make them big stars. After meeting Elvis at the age of 10 and later watching the Beatles, he knew he was meant to be a musician and approached it with laser focus. In the late 60s at age 17, Tom put his theory into practice gathering several buddies, took guitar lessons, added a few more instruments to the mix and was soon on his way to stardom. Tom’s first band, the Epics, started out in his hometown Gainesville, Florida playing between odd jobs to keep them financially afloat until they hit the big time, which he knew in his heart was just a matter of time. The Epics evolved into Mudcrutch, a popular band at the University of Florida area bars, but failed to