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$3.5 Million Watch Made Almost Entirely of Diamonds

Piaget has created the Emperador Temple watch which is covered in over 1200 diamonds, the watch itself along with the strap. It has two hatches that open up, revealing a small watch face and a large watch face with a one second dial. The watch sells for a very affordable price of $3.5 Million .

$307,000 for a Rusty Car

On April 30, in Monaco, Bonhams will be auctioning off a rusty car that has been sitting in a barn for many years. It happens to be an Aston Martin DB5 two door coupe, one of only 983 manufactured, and it is expected to sell for around $307,000 . This 145 MPH car was made popular by the James Bond movies.

For the Billionaire Geek Who Has Everything: Glowing USB Flash Drive

Here is something different for the computer geek, a USB flash drive that changes color based on the content . It is one of the most expensive flash drives out there, but it gives you a lot of information without having to plug it in to your computer. It will show how much space you have left, plus the blue color represents documents, pink represents images, and green means movies. So you could buy three of these, one for each type of file, and just by looking at them, you would know what's on it from the color.

World's Most Expensive Coffee Made With Animal Dung

I'm sure Starbucks and Peet's aficionados will be looking forward to tasting this coffee. Kopi luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world, and it has a very unusual ingredient, the defecated droppings of a civet, which is a small animal that looks like a cross between a racoon and a cat. This chocolate-tasting coffee sells for as much as $600 a pound.

Buy Your Own Lifelike Female Robot

Having trouble finding good help? Why not buy your own robot, a female very lifelike robot . The price is only $110,000. It, I mean she, was developed by researchers at Osaka University and robot builders Kokoro Co. Ltd.

Billionaire Invests in Virgin Money

Wilbur Ross, who became a billionaire investing in steel and oil businesses, has purchased a 21% interest in Virgin Money, created by another billionaire, Richard Branson. Virgin Money was set up to buy the 318 branches of the Royal Bank of Scotland from the British government. He may even invest additional fund, possibly ten times his original investment.

How Would You Like to Be a Billionaire for a Day?

A customer at SunTrust Bank was pleasantly surprised to find the lucky number eight appear in his bank account. Somehow $88,888,888,888.88 inadvertently showed up in his account, but unfortunately, the bank eventually discovered the error and reversed it the next day. Sorry, no interest on the funds, not even for a day.