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For the Billionaire Who has Everything: Buy Your Own Town

The town of Scenic, South Dakota, is up for sale for a reasonable $799,000. What a great deal for a billionaire! Cheaper than a Lear Jet, a Rolls Royce, or a mansion. The town is 46 acres, is practically a ghost town with a population of 10, and has a dance hall, a saloon, and a jail.

Government Confiscates Gold Coins Worth Millions

The United States Government confiscated 20 Saint-Gaudens double-eagle gold coins that were found by a woman in her deceased father's safe deposit box, saying that the coins never should have been released from the US Mint. These types of coins have sold for many millions in the past. The woman had sent them to the US Treasury Department for authentication, and the government said that the coins were stolen from the government. The case went to court and the government decided in the government's favor.

$1.6 Million for Jane Austen Manuscript

Sotheby's auctioned off an unfinished early Jane Austen manuscript sold at auction in London on Thursday for about $1.6 million , which was three times its estimate. It is the only major manuscript by Austen still in private hands.