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Highest Priced Bustier

Here's another perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend, the most expensive bustier . Made by Orra, India’s largest diamond jewelry chain, it is covered with Belgian diamonds. The price is only $1.35 million. The model is Anjali Lavanya.

Billionaire Suing Christies About Fake Wine

Billionaire Bill Koch has just filed a lawsuit in federal court in New York accusing auction house Christie’s, accusing them of " counterfeit wine sales .” A Christie’s spokesperson denies the claim. Apparently, he bought four bottles of wine which were supposedly owned by Thomas Jefferson for over $300,000 , and he claims they are fakes.

The Luxury Repo Man

If the wealthy get over-extended, then there are firms such as the International Recovery Group which will repossess jets, yachts, helicopters, boats, racehorses, planes, and recreational vehicles. The repo men for the rich and famous are doing a booming business these days.

Britney Spears Losing Millions on her House

It's not just the working class and the middle class that are hurting with their real estate, even the rich and famous have been hit. Britney Spear s had had her house on the market at $7.9 million since 2008, and has finally dropped the price to $5.5 million.

Buy Your Own Town, Located on the Little Big Horn Site

If you have ever thought about buying your own town, why not buy one of historical significance. The town is called Garryowen, in Montana, covering seven acres at the location where the original shots were fired at the Battle of the Little Big Horn . It is where Sitting Bull's camp was located. The town includes the Custer Battlefield Museum, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier from the Battle, a United States Post Office, and the massive Custer Family Manuscript Archive. The price is just $6,900,000.

Billionaire Warren Buffett as a Rock Star

It look like the famous billionaire, Warren Buffett, is giving his relative Jimmy Buffett a run for his money. Warren Buffett is appearing in his first rock music video, actually a commercial for Geico. See if you can recognize him. He's not the one in the geico costume, he's got long hair and a bandana.

Reverse Auction for Hamptons Rentals

Bid on the Cit y will hold auctions on March 26 and April 9 for various Hamptons rentals . However, these auctions operate in reverse with the price dropping. The rents cover the time frame of Memorial Day to Labor Day. The way the auction works is that the auction will start at a set price then drop by $500 every 15 seconds, until someone bids. The first bidder wins the auction.

Largest Collection of Glamour Photos Up for Sale

On March 26 and 27, Profiles in History will be auctioning off over 10,000 original vintage glamour photographs, including George Hurrell’s famous photo of Jean Harlow on a white bearskin rug . This picture originally appeared in Vanity Fair magazine, and is expected to sell for over $20,000.

$6,100 for a Hockey Puck

In order to raise additional funds, the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee has decided to sell off a lot of the items used in the Vancouver Winter Olympics as collectible memorabilia. Many of the items are being sold for through the website, the Canadian site for eBay auctions. The souvenirs include everything from hockey pucks which sold for $6,100 to downhill ski gates to uniforms to General Motors automobiles, and even Olympic Village condos.

Wealthiest Billionaires

The Forbes list of billionaires has just been released. At the top of the list is the Mexican financier, Carlos Slim Helu with a net worth of $53.5 billion, who slightly edged out Bill Gates with a net worth of $53 billion, and ahead of Warren Buffett at $47 billion. Fourth place is Mukesh Ambani at $29 billion, and fifth was Lakshmi Mittal, with a net worth of $28.7 billion.

Pay $159 to have Bird Droppings Rubbed on Your Face

At the Ten Thousand Waves spa in New Mexico, you can have something very special called the Japanese Nightingale Facial. The facial is made from nightingale bird droppings . You can have the basic facial for $115 for the deluxe facial for $159. Even Victoria Beckham has taken advantage of having this done to her face.

The Most Expensive Bottle of Water Ever!

Years ago, people thought it was unusual to purchase a bottle of water, such as Evian or Perrier. They thought 'Why buy something you can get right out of the tap?' Now, bottled water is very common, but not the following bottle of water. This bottle of Acqua di Cristallo sells for $3.3 million. You are actually buying the bottle, not the water, although I'm sure the water tastes good. The bottle is made with gold, silver, platinum, and 6,000 diamonds.

Someone Actually Paid $3500 for Two Ghosts

At the auction site TradeMe, a woman based in Christchurch, New Zealand posted two glass vials, each containing a ghost from her house . The auction had very spirited bidding with the event topping out at 5000 New Zealand dollars (approximately $3500 in US dollars).

Bentley Sells for $1.5 Million

A Bentley from the 1950's sold for $1.5 million at an auction in Oxford, England, recently. The auction was held by auction house Bonhams. It was the only car in the group that sold for over 100,000 pounds.

Billionaire Loses $54 Million House Deposit

The second richest man in Russia, Mikhail Prokhorov, will be losing the $54 million that he put up as a deposit on the Villa La Leopolda in Villefrance-sur-Mer, France, which he agreed to purchase for $540 million . He wanted to back out of the deal, but a court ruled that he would lose his deposit.

$82,000 for a Black Sheep

Actually it was $82,550 for a lamb with a black face. This amounted to $650 per pound . This was an all time fair auction record for a lamb.

Porsche Releases Green Car

Porsche just revealed its 918 Spyder Concept, a 2-seat automobile . with hybrid and electric drive technology. This luxury green car can reach 198 miles per hour, and can go from zero to over 60mph in less than 3.2 seconds. All this power and it gets 78 miles per gallon .

$1.68 Million Lunch with Warren Buffett

The winning bidder at an auction of a lunch with Warren Buffett finally collected the prize. The highest bidder was Salida Capital, a Canadian hedge fund. Proceeds from the sale went towards the San Francisco Glide Foundation, which benefits the homeless. No information was released about what was discussed.