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Bonnie and Clyde Guns Sell for $500,000

The guns that were owned by Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, and recovered from them after they were killed in 1934 have sold at auction for about $ 500,000 . The auction was conducted by RR Auction. Bonnie's sold for $264,000 and Clyde's sold for $240,000.They were purchased by an anonymous Texas collector.

Buy a Moon Rock for $350,000

Not everyone owns a moon rock. As a matter of fact, genuine moon rocks are hard to get. Here is your chance. only $350,000.

$1,000,000 for One Penny

A penny from the 1940's sold for one million dollars to Bob R. Simpson, the co-chairman of the Texas Rangers. It is a 1943 penny made with bronze, minted in San Francisco. It is only one of four pennies of this type, as all others that year were made with steel.

Two Pound Truffle Sold for $300,000

It is considered the most expensive food in the world. Truffles are a type of fungi used in gourmet food preparation. A two pound truffle recently sold for $300,000 . Truffles have become so valuable that a black market has begun in them and organized crime has gotten involved. Some people consider truffles an aphrodisiac.

James Bond's Bathing Suit Up for Auction

Do you remember the blue bathing trunks that Daniel Craig wore in the movie, Casino Royale? They are going to be sold at a charity auction next month and part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the release of the Dr No movie. The high estimate for the swim trunks is £5,000. The auction will be held by Christie's South Kensington on Friday October 5. You also have the opportunity to bid on the 2008 Aston Martin 6 Litre V12 DBS 2-Door Coupe from the 007 movie Quantum of Solace. It has an estimate sale price of £100,000 to £150,000.

Most Expensive House For Sale: Almost Half a Billion Dollars

The most expensive home currently listed in England, and possibly the most expensive listing in the world right now, is a 45 bedroom 6,000 square foot mansion in London, which has been listed for $487.38 million . According to the real estate broker, the house is a great opportunity, as the only other homes in London that are even comparable are are Bridgewater House next to St James's Palace, and Dudley House, in Mayfair. Better make your offer now.