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$920,000 for James Bond Submarine Car

The Lotus Esprit that Roger Moore and Barbara Bach rode in for the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me recently sold for $920,167 at an auction in London, England. This is actually known as a submarine car. But the story behind the story is that the car was consigned by a couple that had originally bought the car at one of those storage auctions. And the price the couple paid? Less than $100.

Tennis Star Rafael Nadal has a $690,000 Watch

Tennis Star Rafael Nadal is very particular about what he does and hat he wears. A watchmaker named Richard Mille developed a an extremely light, specially engineered watch for Nadal. The first watch he created sold for $525,000. The second watch, which Nadal now wears, was priced at $690,000, and he wears it for every tennis match. This watch is known as the RM027-01 . It is made of carbon composites and titanium, and weighs only 20 grams.