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For the Billionaire Who Has Everything: Buy Your Own Town

Maybe you already have a yacht, an island, and a Rolex, but you want something different. How about buying your own town? The town of Aladdin, Wyoming is up for sale for only $1.5 million. Isn't that a great name for the name of a town? The community has a population of 15, a bar, a general store, and an outhouse. The only drawback is that there is no indoor plumbing or sewage system. But that shouldn't matter to you. If you can afford the one and a half million, you can certainly afford a few upgrades.

Man Buys a $30 Million Cup and Gets a Huge Bonus

One of the wealthiest men in China, Liu Yiqian, recently bought a very rare Ming Dynasty cup at Hong Kong Sotheby's auction. The cup, which is five centuries old, was hammered at $30,000,000 . There are only 17 known to exist. He paid for the purchase with his American Express Black Card (Centurian Card) and the auction house had to do over 20 transactions in order to complete the sale, due to the limit size on transactions. What he hadn't realized at the time, but now does, is that he earned rewards points on that transaction. As a matter of fact, it amounted to 422,860,000 rewards points! He can buy a lot of flat panel TVs and Apple iPads with those points.